Saturday, January 27, 2007

The first step in deciding what colleges you would like to attend is to look at all of your available options. This not as easy as it should be if one of your requirements is that the school has a soccer program. Perhaps there is a convenient book that high school counselors are handing out, but I doubt that. And I am just about 100% convinced that a central database of soccer programs is not available online.

This is just the beginning of a larger project I am hoping to complete. The goal here is to create an convenient and complete list college soccer programs so aspiring students are able to explore the full breadth of their options. In addition there is a lot of information that I hope to add including available scholarships, coach information, team performance and hopefully some information directly from the team coaches.

Like I said, this was not nearly as easy as it should have been. So to start with this list is limited just Oregon. In the future I plan to expand the list geographically (I would like to include all of North America) and create some way to search and filter the programs. If anyone sees any errors, has any additions or questions just let me know.

Men's College Soccer Programs in Oregon:

Women's Soccer Programs in Oregon:

*Community Colleges

I was surprised by the number of programs that I had not even heard of before this. That is a good thing in my opinion. The reality is that not everyone is going to be able to play in Division I. The smaller programs give more players a great opportunity to continue to play and attend school. The community colleges especially broaden the range of opportunities for students that financially or academically may not be able to attend a four year college. Junior colleges are by no means a dead end in soccer. Oregon State's most accomplished player Alan Gordon, transferred to Oregon State from a junior college.

Google is the best resource that I have found to identify college soccer programs. There are dozens of websites and books that provide limited information about schools and soccer programs, but none of them is completely comprehensive. My best advice is to use Google to search for specific features you are looking for in a school like "college and soccer and oregon" and then visit the specific team pages of the schools you are interested in for more information. Before making a decision about which colleges you want to attend, make sure you have examined all of your possible options.


Anonymous said... @ 1/29/2007 7:21 AM

This is a good web site for finding college's sports page to help look up important soccer information such as team rosters, contact info, ect.

Loyan said... @ 1/29/2007 10:57 AM

Thank you for reading the blog and for sharing that link with us.

That site has done a good job of collecting the websites for NCAA member schools.

They make you jump through quite a few hoops to get to the information you need though. In terms of usability that web page is a nightmare. That is the software geek in me speaking though...

Note that NAIA and community colleges will not be listed with this link.

Anonymous said... @ 1/31/2007 12:05 AM

This one has easy navigation

Loyan said... @ 1/31/2007 10:51 AM

Thanks for the link.

That one is not bad actually. It lets you search by state which is cool.

Something is wrong with their search tool, like it is caching old search queries. Sometimes I get no results when I know there should be some.

I did find a school I had missed though! I will have to add Multnomah Bible College to my list.

Anonymous said... @ 6/19/2008 5:45 PM

Wow, thanks so much for this really saved me so much time going through the different sites. My daughter is just starting high school, but wants to play soccer at a university/college in Oregon. Again, THANK YOU! Michelle

Loyan said... @ 6/19/2008 10:36 PM

You are welcome Michelle. I encourage you and your daughter to read

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